To achieve our goals OAFCCD provides the following services:

Parent Resource Information:

  • Information about OAFCCD
  • Specific information resources related to their child’s disorder and needs
    and/or information on services available in their local community.
connect families with specific service providers or support groups in their local community

obtain additional resource information from professional groups, such as the Ontario Association of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists or from the School of Communicative Disorders at the University of Western Ontario.

  • Three Newsletters containing information on specific disorders, changes in publicly funded speech and language service provision, and upcoming workshops or conferences for families
  • An invitation to the OAFCCD Annual General Meeting, which features guest speakers and workshops
  • Contact information for OAFCCD representatives who are involved in planning or advisory organizations in their community for example, District School Board Special Education Advisory Committee Members
  • Regular or occasional meetings
  • Presentations by community service providers on available services
  • Presentations by professionals on specific communication disorders
  • Skill development workshops and resource information
  • Regular or occasional meetings

Parent Support Activities:

Parents can be connected with other parents of children with the same communication disorder or need.

Chapter meetings provide an opportunity for social interaction, the sharing of personal stories and resources
Many Chapters have a designated Professional member, who can refer families to additional resources and support services.

  • OAFCCD Web Site provides information on the organization, recent Newsletters and contact names and numbers
  • Many of the OAFCCD Position Papers used in Government Consultations are posted on the web site
  • Web site includes links with hundreds of other organizations which provide information on communication disorders or support to families of children with special needs
  • OAFCCD mailing list provides a safe place for members to post questions and connect with other families

Public Awareness Activities:

  • Provision of information to government about communication disorders and the needs of children and their families
  • Development and distribution of position papers on the needs of children with communication disorders
  • Participation in government consultations, and provincial groups and organizations that provide advice on speech and language services and the needs of families
  • Participation in conferences and meetings held for professionals and parent associations
  • Distribution of provincial Newsletter and other information resources to groups and organizations involved with speech and language services
  • Nomination of parent members to the Special Education Advisory Committees of District School Boards
  • Nomination of parent members to Preschool Speech and Language Committees
  • Public education displays in community locations and at Information Fairs or community workshops
  • Provision of public awareness materials to local media, especially during May which is celebrated nationally as Speech and Hearing Month
  • Appointment of member representatives to local planning and advisory organizations
  • Presentation of member concerns to organizations that provide speech and language services