A Parent Guide to Supporting Success at school – Helping Students with Speech and Language Impairments

This 40 page Parent Guide will help parents of students with speech and language problems throughout the province.

This Parent Guide will help parents to:

  • Navigate the speech and language service system
  • Prepare for transition to school
  • Understand the special education systems
  • Participate for the Individual Education Plan (I.E.P.) development
  • Prepare for an Identification and Placement Review Committee (I.P.R.C.)
  • Engage effectively with the school system

This easy to read Parent Guide is full of tips to empower parents as they support
their child’s success at school.

This guide is chronologically ordered with information covering transition to school, elementary and high school and the transition to post secondary education or employment.

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Ce guide destiné aux parents d’enfants atteints de troubles de la communication est très accessible et contient de nombreux conseils qui ont pour but d’encourager le dévouement des parents qui appuient le succès scolaire de leur enfant. Son contenu est organisé de façon chronologique. Il traite de la transition à l’école, que ce soit de l’école élémentaire à l’école secondaire, au postsecondaire ou au monde du travail.

Ce guide d’au-delà de 70 pages aidera les parents d’enfants atteints de troubles de la parole et du langage à travers la province à :

  • Parent Guide Frenchnaviguer le système des services orthophoniques ;
  • se préparer à la transition à l’école et entre les différents paliers ;
  • comprendre le Service de l’éducation de l’enfance en difficulté ;
  • participer à l’élaboration du PEI ;`se préparer au CIPR.
I have finished reviewing the Parent Guide and it is nothing short of excellent. As a parent with my child currently in Grade 8 and wondering about Grade 9, I learned a lot about what to expect in the intermediate grades, what the focus should be (peer relationships, etc) and what needs to be done to achieve success in high school.”

Parent living in Ottawa

“While reading this guide, I constantly thought about what an excellent and comprehensive resource this is! I would recommend the guide as essential reading for all Speech-Language Pathologists who work with children – for preschool clinicians to help them understand the educational system, and for consultants who are newly hired to school board positions.”

Speech-Language Pathologist Upper Grand District School Board

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