The Ontario Association for Families of Children with Communication Disorders started off as a small group of concerned parents and professionals. After incorporation in 1994 as a non-profit charity, OAFCCD has grown to a provincial organization that helps families of children with communication disorders to help give their children a voice.


...that 1 in 10 Canadians has a speech, language or hearing problem estimated 4% of the preschool population has a significant speech or language disorder

...8% to 12% of school children have some form of speech or language impairment

...communication disorders in school-aged children are often misdiagnosed as learning disabilities or behavioural problems, and can be very difficult to treat in later years.  Children with behavioural problems are ten times more likely than other children to have language disorders

...a child should use 200 or more words by the time they are 2-3 years old and by the age of 4 1/2 their vocabulary should consist of approximately 2000 words

...speech and language disorders are strongly related to failure in reading and writing

...drop our rates in students with communication disorders is 43% compared to 23% in non-impaired students

Early detection and intervention is vital!

If you have concerns about your child’s speech or language development contact and of the following:
  • A Speech Language Pathologist (look in your yellow pages)
  • Language Express Preschool Speech & Language Program Lanark, Leeds & Grenville - 613-283-2742 or 1-888-503-8885
  • Your local school board special education department

Our Vision

All children will have access to a continuum of speech and language services to support their successful participation at home, in school and in the community.

Our Mission

The Ontario Association for Families of Children with Communication Disorders (OAFCCD) works with families and community partners to ensure children have access to effective speech and language services.

Our Goal

The goals of OAFCCD are to:

  • increase public awareness regarding the need and benefits of services
  • provide support and information to families
  • support families to advocate for the speech and language services their child needs
  • work with community partners to enhance speech and language services
  • advocate with government and provincial organizations for adequate public funding of speech and language services
  • maintain an effective volunteer structure and viable organization

We may be of assistance to you

  • if your child requires speech and language services
  • if you have been affected b service delays or cuts at your hospital or school
  • if you wish to network with other families for support 
  • if you need more information about your child's communication difficulties
  • if you are looking for information about available community resources and services in your area
For more information contact:

The Provincial Office at
The Ontario Association for Families of Children with Communication Disorders (OAFCCD)
c/o Alison Morse  
P.O. Box 63,
Tillsonburg, Ontario  N4G 4H4  

519-842-9506 or
The  Lanark, Leeds & Grenville Chapter of OAFCCD was formed in May 1996   by a very dedicated group of parents concerned that cutbacks were removing speech and language services in our local public schools and children were not getting the services they need.

We have members in the Smiths Falls, Brockville, Iroquois, Perth, Carleton Place and Almonte from both the Catholic and Public School Boards.

Over the years our chapter has held meetings, made presentations to school boards and municipal councils, offered many workshops and helped empowered families to advocate for their children's needs.

Due to a decrease in active members at the present time we have no meetings or workshops scheduled.

Please direct all inquires to the Provincial Office.

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