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General Information on Communication

Did You Know That . .

Myths and Reality by Genese Warr-Leeper

What is Communication?

What is Speech?

What is Language?

General Information on Communication Development

Articulation Problems

Voice Problems

Stuttering or Fluency Problems

Language Problems

What are the causes of Communication Disorders?

Causes of Communication Disorders

Speech and Language Terms and Abbreviations

Speech and Language Assessemnt Terms

Trust your Instincts!!!

Concerned about your child's Speech or Language Development?

Winter Alert!! Ear Infections and Speech and Language Development

Central Auditory Processing Disorders - What it is and how can you help, September 2001

Unscrambling Scrambled Speech - Warning Signs and Treatment for Developmental Apraxia of Speech by Kerry Erle, SLP and President of London Speech and Language Centre, September 2001


Warning signals for School aged Children

Teacher Observation of Children in Kindergarten

Characteristics of Adolescent Language Disorder

Developmental Milestones for Preschool Children

How to Help a Child with a Communication Disorder:


Imagination and Language

Music- A Great Way to Encourage Language Development

The Reluctant Communicator

The Reluctant Talker

The Difficult-To-Understand Child

Helping Kids Learn Words

Activities for Parents to Use at Home

Speaking Clearly,  Adapted from Parent Articles I,  “Help Your Child Learn to Speak Clearly”by Elizabeth M. Prather  (1988) (Article funded by United Way of Oxford) 1999

School Age Children:

General Suggestions For Improvement of Oral and Written Language

General Suggestions For Improving Memory and Comprehension

General Suggestions for Improving Use of Language in the School-Age Child

Natural Language Intervention Techniques

General Suggestions for Vocabulary Development and Development of Meaning Associations at Home

General Suggestions for Vocabulary Development and Development of Meaning Associations at School

Cues to Facilitate Word Retrieval

General Suggestions for Improving Organization and Completeness (Discourse Planning)

General Suggestions for Improving Use of Conversational Rules (Pragmatics)

Real World Idea for Social Skill Facilitation

Dovetailing Language and Reading Instruction

General Suggestions for Improving Writing

Help Your Child Stand up to School Yard Bullies!!

Homework Tips

Helping Children Learn to Read

Language and the Adolescent

Tips on Dealing With School Personnel

Preparing for an I.P.R.C.

Preparing for an Individual Education Plan (I.E.P.)

Special Education Terms used in Ontario Schools

Transition Planning Resource Guide

Stuttering -How You Can Help

Non Verbal Children:

Augmentative Communication


Games for Kids with Communication Disorders

Candyland and Fisher Price - Airport (Articles adapted from The Language of Toys, Sue Shwartz, and Joan E. Miller, 1988) 1999

Where to get Help for your Child:

Getting Services for your Child

Getting Ready To Start School

Getting School Services to Meet Your Child's Needs

Preschool Speech and Language Services

Provincial Directory of Preschool Speech and Language Systems

Will Commercial Education Programs Work for My Child?

Tips on Private Speech/Language Services


A Mother asks "Will our son ever talk?"

Positive Parenting and coping strategies

Calling for Help - Making effective phone calls about your child

Parent Groups:

How to get an Article in the Local Newspaper, January 1996

Parent Groups - Strategies to Increase Group Effectiveness, based on a presentation by Lynn Ziraldo, 1998

TIPS To Help Build a Parent Group Bob Biagi. Working Together: A Manual for Helping Group Work More Effectively, 1978 September 1995

OAFCCD Resource Documents:

Position Statement on Speech and Language Services for School Age Children - Spring 2005 (pdf format)

Education Equality Task Force Presentation by OAFCCD,

September 25, 2002

OAFCCD Position Papers

History of the development of the Ontario Association for Families of Children with Communication Disorders, September 2000

History of Speech and Language Services in Ontario Schools, December 1999

Provincial Model of Speech and Language Service Delivery for Children, Revised November 1999

Provincial Model of Speech and Language Service Delivery for Children, April 1996

A Continuum of Speech and Language Services WIll Enhance Educational Outcomes, April 1998

OAFCCD Service Delivery Model Analysis on School Speech-Language Pathology Ratios and Costs, April 1998

Support for Speech and Language Services in Educational Settings by Genese Warr-Leeper, Professor, University of Western Ontario, 1994

Gaps, Duplications and Issues Regarding Speech and Language Services, OAFCCD submission to PPM 81 Review, November 1999

Transition Planning Resource Guide for Students with Speech and Language Impairments, Ministry of Education and Training (DRAFT June 1999)

Best Practices/ What's Working Well and Challenges/ Issues related to provision of Speech and Language Services in Ontario Schools, Submission by OAFCCD to the Minister's Advisory Council n Special Education, Communication: Collaborating with the Community Consultation, May 1999

The case for management of Language Disorders in the schools

The Social consequences of failure in Communication

Council on Special Education, Communication: Collaborating with the Community Consultation, May 1999

French Translations:

Did You Know That .......  Saviez-Vous Que .......

Language Development in Preschool Children - an Overview - Development du langage chez les enfants d’age prescolaire - Un apercu

A Mother Asks: Will my son ever speak? by Genette Brest - Une Mere se pose la question suivante: Mon fils parlera - t- il un jour?

Imagination and Language - L’imagination et le langage

Language and Adolescents - Le langage et l’adolescent

Preparing for School: Enrolling in J.K or S.K. - Preparation a l’ecole - Inscription a la maternelle ou au jardin d’enfants

Trust Your Instincts!!! - Fiez-vous a vos instincts!!!

Speaking Clearly - Expression Claire

My Baby is Talking -  Mon bebe parle!!!

The Reluctant Talker - L’interlocuteur Reticent

WINTER ALERT!!   Ear Infections and Speech and Language Development - Avertissement Hivernal!!  Les Otites et le déevelopment de la parole et du langage

Helping Children Learn to Read  - Aider les enfants à apprendre à lire

Disclaimer: The content of this site is provided only as general information, and should not be considered as advice for a particular communication difficulty. Every individual is unique, and requires individualized management by a registered Speech-Language Pathologist. It is our hope that this site will prove useful for helping many individuals learn more about the needs of children with communication disorders and ways that they can be helped, but it is not a substitute for professional service.