Communicating for Fun

Parent and Child Activities to Promote Better Speech, 
Language and Hearing

Communicating for Fun calendars are for all children (ages 1 ½ - 6 years of age) to enhance their language and communication development. These calendars will give parents and their children hands on activities to do together each day of the week.

Purpose of Communicating for Fun Calendars
The purpose of the calendars is for parents to have activities that they can do at home with their children to help build better speech, language and hearing skills.  Our aim is to have parents focus on communication skills which give their children many opportunities to speak and listen.

Who Can Use the Calendars

The calendars are reproducible, allowing anyone to photocopy and hand out copies to families.
Families may: - take longer than a week to do the activities
   - not do all of the activities
   - do the activities in a different order
These activities are not intended to make life difficult for parents, but rather to enable parents to have more ideas about how to boost their childís communication skills.

Early Childhood Educators / Caregivers
Incorporating the calendars into the themes and programs is a way Communicating for Fun calendars can be used for the benefit of all children.  The activities can easily be extended and adapted to fit your program.  Copies of a theme calendar may also be sent home with each child to accompany your program theme.


The calendars have been divided into three different age groups - Toddler, Preschooler, and Kindergarten Age.  Each of the age groups share 20 common themes for each of the 20 weeks - in total, there are 60 different calendars.  All of these calendars are great for parents to hang on their fridge or notice board.

Information About the Project

Communicating for Fun has been developed as one of the components of the Parenting Programs Resources and Co-ordinations Project, funded through the Early Years Challenge Fund 2002/2003.

Many thanks to the families and service providers who give  their time and skills during the development of  the tool.

Our aim will be achieved as parents use the tool as a starting point to give their children opportunities to further develop their communications skills.

Letís celebrate!  Communication is Fun!

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If you have any concerns about your child's language development,
Trust Your Instincts and seek help.
For children under age 5 year, please contact your
local Preschool Speech and Language Program.  The phone numbers are
available in the Preschool Speech and Language Directory.

If your child attends school, please share your concerns with the
classroom teacher and ask for an assessment and/or a referral to a
Speech - Language Pathologist.

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